The Witcher’s Showrunner Shares How Blood Origin Prequel Will Be A “Fun Twist” On The Lore


The Witcher’s Showrunner Shares How Blood Origin Prequel Will Be A ‘Fun Twist’ On The Lore

The Witcher’s showrunner reveals the Blood Origin prequel’s ‘fun twist’ on the established lore.

Small Details You Missed In The Witcher: Blood Origin

A sneaky Cyberpunk 2077 reference and a seer with a prophecy to end the world of the Witcher. “The Witcher: Blood Origin” hid some insane details in its storyline.

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Poisoned sheep | 0:00
Gaunter O’Dimm? | 1:12
The Ladies of the Wood | 2:16
Avallac’h | 2:56
Ithlinne | 3:36
May you burn for all eternity | 4:46
The Black Rose | 5:52
The Decoctions of the Grasses | 6:53
Traveling in time | 7:48
Celestial siblings | 8:55
No female Witchers, huh? | 9:54

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The Witcher Blood Origin Review: It’s Bad, Lore Has Been Changed (Review, The Witcher Blood Origin)

The Witcher Blood Origin Review: It’s Bad Lore Has Been Changed is me reviewing the Witcher Blood Origin. And spoiler alert it is not good. They changed so many things about the lore of the show that I really ruined it for me. And has me questioning the thing they are going to cut in the main show The Witcher. Also, the show is just not well made, the story is very basic, and the dialogue is so bad at parts you will literally roll your eyes. I had low expectations, to begin with for the Witcher Blood Origin and it was worse than I expected.

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The Witcher: Blood Origin prequel series lore and connection to books explained

With prequel series The Witcher: Blood Origin hitting our screens soon, we decided to take a dive into the original books by Andrzej Sapkowski, and the mainline Netflix Series itself – to piece together what we think Blood Origin will be about and how it’ll impact The Witcher Season 3.

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Witcher Showrunner Responds To 300,000+ Fans Protesting Henry Cavill Leaving Show!

★ Netflix’s The Witcher continues to suffer more chaos as Henry Cavill clashed with the showrunner, fans petition to have the writers fired & some criticize Cavill’s support… ★
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