Henry Cavill Is Leaving The Witcher, And Geralt Has Already Been Recast For Season 4


Henry Cavill Is Leaving The Witcher, And Geralt Has Already Been Recast For Season 4

Henry Cavill confirmed that he’s leaving Netflix’s The Witcher, and his replacement for the recently greenlit Season 4 has already been found.

The Big Elephant In The Room About Cavill’s Witcher Exit

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… a major recasting for one of Netflix’s most popular shows. Keep watching to find out what other heroic role was so important that it required Geralt of Rivia to change actors.

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This Petition Proves Witcher Fans Aren’t Kidding About The Cavill News

50,000 “Witcher” fans can’t be wrong. Or can they? Here’s how some of the show’s most loyal watchers are trying to keep the dream of a Henry Cavill-led “Witcher” alive.

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Why Henry Cavill REALLY quit The Witcher for Season Four (THE REAL REASON EXPOSED)

Fans were shocked when the official Netflix The Witcher Twitter account tweeted that for the renewal of the show for season four, Henry Cavill (Superman) will be replaced by Liam Hemsworth. Discussions have been going on to whether the actor was cancelled or what the real reason might be?! But the fact of the matter is that Henry is stepping down after three years of playing the monster-hunting Geralt of Rivia character, with Liam stepping in to replace him. Since then speculation has been running wild to why this replacement is happening. So in this video I give you guys the best reason that I could find…and it closely links to the original books by Andrzej Sapkowski and the material found in the video games The Witcher 1, which will get a remaster soon, and The Witcher 2: The Wild Hunt. I hope you enjoy.

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Henry Cavill Finally SPEAKS ON Leaving the Witcher, House of the Dragon & Enola Holmes!

Henry Cavill stirred up a lot of emotions in his fans in the last few months. His latest movie on Netflix is Enola Holmes 2, but what are his plans for the future? And what Henry Cavill said about his rumored casting in the next season of House of the Dragon? Stay tuned to find out, and subscribe to our channel for more videos.